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Marco Tornado 24 Volt Horn

Marco Tornado horn is designed to eliminate field problems experienced with other compact air horns while providing a higher dB

than all other compact air horns.  One year warranty. also available as a split unit for easier mounting as well as a cold weather


$48.20 horn cost plus $11.00 shipping


The Marco Tornado horn has engineered into its design the elimination of the 9 type field failures experienced with other manufacturers

compact air horns. The design is available in the compact form, as a split sound unit with compressor seperated from the sound unit for

mounting in tight spaces, as well in a cold weather version that gives full performance to - 13 degrees F.  This cold weather version

works well for sportsmen mounted on ATV's, snowmobiles, as well as construction equipment.  The frequencies are tuned to be heard

above the enviroment of road noise as well as construction site noise.  

  • $59.20 On sale: $59.20